NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A new survey from the University of New Orleans showcases what Louisiana residents want to see prioritized by the incoming Landry administration.

UNO professor and political scientist Dr. Edward Chervenak surveyed hundreds of Louisiana voters and expanded on some of the results with WGNO.

The three main issues identified in the survey are education at 12%, economy at 15% and crime taking the top spot at 17%.

“People just have a perception that crime is out of control and that something needs to be done. So, they’re looking for state government to deal with it,” Chervenak said.

According to the poll, many residents are not very confident in the new governor.

“People just have a general antagonism towards government. They look at it as being inefficient, wasting tax dollars and so we can’t really expect the people to have a great deal of confidence in government,” Chervenak said.

The poll also shows a significant increase in recreational marijuana support, now with over 50% statewide.

“We’ve seen those numbers in the past several years when we’ve done this poll. This is the seventh installment in the series of studies that we’ve done,” Chervenak said.

Chervenak says that this steady support for recreational marijuana stems from several factors.

“We think it’s because medical marijuana has become accepted in the state and also because people are looking at what’s happening in other states that have legalized it and are seeing their reaping hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue as a result of that. So, they assume that Louisiana is leaving all that money on the table by not legalizing it,” Chervenak said.

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