NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Now that Congressman Steve Scalise is the Republican nominee for Speaker of the House, political analyst Jeff Crouere sat down with WGNO to reflect on the man he’s been known for nearly 30 years, starting with his run for state representative.

Crouere says that he is not surprised to see Scalise reach this point in his political career due to the work he has put in.

“He was a guy who really knew the issues, a hardworking candidate. He was a great state representative, and back then, we knew he was going to have an outstanding political career because of what he had put into his public service,” Crouere says.

Scalise graduated from Rummel High School in 1983.

Other graduates, such as alumni board member Ken Trahan, say they are honored to have one of their own potentially representing our country at this level.

“I think it’s a source of pride for Archbishop Rummel, just because you have someone so significant in such an important position. From the standpoint of who he is, he was their alumnus of the year back in 2018, and he’s done immeasurable things for the community,” Trahan said.

According to Crouere, Scalise’s chances of winning the seat are good, but it may take a while.

“There’s some horse-trading that still needs to occur within that Republican conference before they go before the entire Congress to cast their votes for speaker. They want to ensure they have the 217 votes, which is what they need to elect Steve Scalise as the next speaker,” Crouere said.

Trahan says that Scalise’s ability to bring people together is going to be the key factor in securing the seat.

“Whether you think differently, look differently, live in a different city, or whatever the case may be, that shouldn’t be something that separates you. You should find common ground, and I think he’s one of those types of people to do that,” Trahan said.

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