NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — After three weeks of discussions and voting, the House has selected Congressman Mike Johnson as the new speaker on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

Former Congressman Bob Livingston was nominated to be speaker back in 1998 but never took the gavel.

He says he originally supported Congressman Steve Scalise for the position but believes Johnson has what it takes to do a good job.

“Mike Johnson is a solid guy. He’s argued cases before the Supreme Court. He’s eloquent. He’s smooth. He’s a likeable fella,” Livingston said.

While Livingston says this is a win for the country, he says this is also a major win for Louisiana.

“We’ve got the House of Representatives in the hands of the number one person from Louisiana, the number two person from Louisiana, and working with a conservative governor who I think will put a hell of a lot of pressure on us to reverse this course away from putting our thumb down on energy production and putting the United States back to where it should’ve been,” Livingston said.

Livingston says times have changed since he was in office as both parties have become more divided. He suggests that Johnson work with both sides of the house to achieve the most success.

“The constitution demands consensus. It demands compromise. I know that some people think that is a dirty word, but the fact is, you can get a lot more done if people on both sides cooperate than you can if you go off and side with one little group or another,” Livingston said.

Livingston believes Johnson has the capabilities to bring a bit more unity to the house.

“My suspicion is because he is so bright and he is so capable and so smooth, that he’s going to engender some trust on the other side and that’s going to be positive for Louisiana and for the entire country,” Livingston said.

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