Governor signs law to help Louisiana veterans find work in the medical field

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BATON ROUGE — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed the first bill into law from the 2017 legislative session.

It’s a bill that establishes the Louisiana Military Medics and Corpsmen Pilot Program, which will recognize medical military certifications for Louisiana veterans and allow them to work under the supervision of a Louisiana-licensed doctor after completing their respective branches of military service. 

“This is a great opportunity to help the men and women who protect our country and are trained medical professionals to transfer their professional skill sets into civilian life,” Edwards said. “It gives me great pleasure to sign this bill into law, knowing that it will create job opportunities for our dedicated veterans who have an ongoing desire to serve Louisiana.  We will all benefit by helping these outstanding men and women to serve in their chosen profession outside of their military careers.”


According to the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs, thousands of service members living in Louisiana and current members of the Louisiana National Guard who have medical backgrounds could potentially benefit from this program.

“Our military-trained combat medics and corpsmen are highly trained and carefully selected for these occupational specialties,” said Joey Strickland, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs.  “They spend months undergoing intensive medical training that, in many cases, exceeds the requirements of many of our civilian programs. These service members are ready now to use that training to help our Louisiana citizens.”

Read the full text of the new law here.


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