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WASHINGTON — The 2016 presidential election is a year and a half away and potential candidates are getting ready. This week is the first chance for many Republican hopefuls to lay out their visions for the country.

The Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC has been the go-to gathering for Republican candidates to get support, including Louisiana’s own Governor Bobby Jindal.

Back in 2013, Governor Jindal said Republicans couldn’t afford to be the “stupid party.”

This year, he saved his tough talk for President Obama, saying, “President Obama has disqualified himself. He’s shown himself incapable of being our Commander in Chief.”

He continued, “They think we are not smart enough to buy our own insurance, they think we are not smart enough to own guns, they think, if you live in New York City, you’re not smart enough to drink a Big Gulp.”

The Governor hasn’t officially declared himself a candidate for president.