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(CNN) – Police say a man in Tennessee pocket-dialed the police. That call led to his arrest on drug charges.

Chief Michael Hay of the Mt. Pleasant Police said “We have 911 calls that lead to arrests all the time but not an accidental one.”

The call that went to 911 Friday night started out like any other call to a police dispatcher, but when no one answered, the operator didn’t hang up. Instead, she stayed on the line listening to a conversation between a man and woman talking about getting high.

Caller: “When it hits you, dude, it makes you feel like tiny little pins are in your body, but it’s like a good feeling not a bad feeling. all these, like, pleasure shivers.”

Police tell us the call was an accident. The dispatcher traced it to this Mexican restaurant in mt. pleasant, where the couple was having dinner.

The officer pulled up just as they were leaving and stopped them down the street.

Chief Michael Hay says, “He noticed the passenger, the male subject, was shuffling around putting stuff under the passenger seat, and when he approached the vehicle, he actually observed the passenger drop something in the floor board.”

That something was a small bag of marijuana, according to police. The female driver denied knowing anything about it, but officers say her passenger, 25-year-old Grant O’connor, admitted the drugs were his.

What he didn’t know is that he had pocket dialed 911 and tipped off the cops.