Pennsylvania volunteer gets tip of a lifetime


Credit: WBRE

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DUNMORE, Pa. (WBRE/WYOU) – A volunteer helping at a Pennsylvania pharmacy during the COVID-19 pandemic recently got a life-changing tip.

The volunteer, who wishes to remain anonymous, won $100,000 from a lottery ticket he received as a tip for helping a customer at the curbside pick-up of DePietro’s pharmacy.

“This particular customer gave one of the boys a $5 scratch-off ticket,” said Tom DePietro, owner of the pharmacy. “He won $5 on that scratch-off ticket and cashed it in. And on that ticket, he won $100,000.”

DePietro says the volunteer actually was going to leave the first ticket he received for the second shift of volunteers, then changed his mind and decided to cash it in for another ticket.

“He just couldn’t believe it when he won. He was at home. He called the store to tell us when it happened. We all couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing,” DePietro said.

He said the volunteer already has a plan for what he wants to do with the money.

“He’s a college student, so the money is gonna be used for his college education. So he’s just very happy. Can’t believe it still, and the staff, we’re joking about it every day.”

This kind of positivity is needed in these difficult times, DePietro said. “In such a time where all of the news is bad news, it was a great moment to have something that felt good.”


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