Passionate views on Constitutional Amendment 1 in Louisiana


NEW ORLEANS— In addition to the race for president, another issue on the ballot in the Louisiana is creating a lot of interest in the state.

State Senator Katrina Jackson(D-Monroe) introduced the bill which became the amendment and she explained part of the reason why.

“In Kansas and 2 other states that were silent on abortion, their supreme courts found that there was a right to a government funded abortion, which basically diverts the healthcare dollars meant for hospitals Medicaid and other things to pay for individual abortions, elective abortions. This amendment guarantees that it does not happen in Louisiana,” said Jackson.

Alanah Odums ACLU of Louisiana spoke to their opposition,”What this is actually asking folks to do is actually asking us to change the constitution, to eliminate the right to an abortion.”

The amendment seeks to add the verbiage ‘Nothing in this constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.’

While Jackson is a long-time anti abortion activist, she admits, “The only thing that can ban abortion, and really deal with the exception is federal legislation or the United States Supreme Court”

Odums contends, “The constitution is a document, both at the federal level and the state level that provides rights to people. The constitution is not something we typically use to curtail or take rights away, though that is one of the the important distinctions about this amendment”


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