Parishes look to Congress for billions in Covid funding to make ends meet.


NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)-The covid-19 pandemic has touched every corner of this country, putting a strain on resources at every level of government.

“Tangipohoa Parish has been very fortunate that the parish government has been in pretty good shape financially, to handle covid-19 to operate. The concerns we have is, what’s to come,” shared Robbie Miller, Tangipahoa Parish President.

“With what President Robby said, we are continuing to battle. We have made it through, hopefully, the bulk of the pandemic but, now our focus is turned onto what does the future hold,” reasoned Archie Chaisson, Lafourche Parish President.

Facing difficult times, brings unexpected challenges.The costs of delivering services are skyrocketing while revenues are plummeting.

In Lafouche and Tangipahoa Parish, officials are joining along side the National Association of Counties to request additional funding.

“I think long-term nationwide, we’re looking at a $144 billion impact is what the pandemic is going to cost,” said Chaisson. “I employ 400 individuals.”

With the unforeseen costs of PPE, covid cleaning and testing, those things add up.

In simple terms, this idea is similar to the paycheck protection program for businesses. This relief funding would basically be a government paycheck protection program.

“The reason why we are so concerned about this cares funding, is it’s direct to local government,” explained Miller. “It’s direct to counties and parishes throughout the country based on criteria.”

Heres what they’re asking for:
-Direct, flexible funding
-An additional $75 billion for hospitals and healthcare providers
-$11 bilion to ramp up testing
-Support for small businesses that help that help the local economy.


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