THIBODAUX, La. (WGNO) – The Thibodaux Firemen’s fair concludes Sunday. Festivities kicked off with the fair’s parade.

Rain or shine—nothing could stop dozens in Thibodaux from lining the streets to greet the city’s volunteer firefighters.

“This was supposed to be a really special parade because it had been postponed for so many years because of COVID, but we’re back,” said parade-goer Julie LeBlanc.

Family members of volunteer firefighters showed up with their friends as a salute to the firefighters’ selflessness.

“This is the one time of the year we can show our appreciation to our volunteer fire department,” explained Belle Toups, whose son-in-law and grandson serve as Thibodaux volunteer firefighters. “They never ask for anything throughout the rest of the year.”

The Firemen’s Fair isn’t only a big deal to those in Thibodaux. The parade drew in visitors from out of state.

“He’s a retired firefighter in Texas, and so, we notice a lot of similarities,” said Vicki Cox as she stood alongside her husband Charles Cox. “It’s truly a brotherhood. We would drive to any state to support the firemen.”

The volunteer firefighters left many impressed.

“You don’t see most volunteer fire departments that are going to be that well equipped or, and just like that, they’re walking down the middle of the street in the rain. I know where I’m from, the firemen would be like, ‘It’s raining; we don’t need to get out,'” laughed Charles.

Those in attendance want to make one thing clear.

“We need to support our firemen,” said parade-goer Kathy Guidry. “We’re very grateful for what they do, and we honor them, and we’re very appreciative,” said Leah Payne.

The fair ends Sunday night as organizers announce the winner of the $15,000 raffle.