“Paint your Pet” Art Class


Painted Paws: Art with a Cause

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – A paint class is barking up attention on social media. Local artist, Lillian Aguinaga, started Painted Paw art class in 2012 after falling in love with a pooch of her own!

“I give all the credit to my dog. They need us they can’t really speak for themselves. Animals in need. Over breeding, all that kind of stuff. It’s just really near and dear to my heart. Yea, I just love them.” said Aguinaga.

A portion of proceeds from the art class benefits various organizations and animal rescue groups! Each participant brings in a picture of their furry friend, and Lillian helps to bring that pet to life!

“I will show you step by step how to color block, how to add texture, how to add value, which is lights and darks. Shading. It’s a very special experience for a great cause.” said Aguinaga.

Aguinaga teaches the art of shading and color contrast

Each class lasts 3 hours with Lillian guiding you every step of the way.

“It’s fun! It should not feel like school. We are here for a good time. Come out and let’s have some fun!” laughed Aguinaga.

Click on the links below to register for upcoming classes:

Painted Paws Party is this Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 7-10pm. Reservations: https://artoflillian.com/shop/paintedpawsparty-jan29Fb Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1011395605895362/

Valentine’s Date Night Paint Party on Friday, Feb. 14th, 7-9:30pm, which is a double set that makes a complete painting. Reservations: https://artoflillian.com/shop/paintedpawsparty-feb14Fb Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2520339544915596/

Mardi Gras Mask Paint Party on Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 7-10pm, where we’ll paint Mardi Gras masks on canvas and customize them to your preference.Reservations: https://artoflillian.com/shop/paintedpawsparty-feb18Fb Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/617152065523525/

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