Paddle boarder discovers 5 dead alligators on Bayou St. John


NEW ORLEANS– A shocking discovery on Bayou St. John. A paddle boarder found five dead alligators in the water.

It was a beautiful day over the weekend for Johanna Ecke to paddle board on Bayou St. John—until—her day turned horrific.

“As I was paddling, I smelled this intense fishy smell,” she said.

As she paddled along near Zachary Taylor Drive and the 610 Overpass, she noticed five alligators that appeared to be dead.

“First of all, I’ve never seen that many alligators together in one spot,” she said.

After taking a few pictures from a safe distance, she found out they were in fact dead. She then called her friend who told her to contact the Department of Wildlife & Fisheries.

“They said they’d be looking into it and I hope this is taken seriously,” Ecke said.

She’s still left wondering how the gators died.

“It seems to me more likely that they were killed and dumped there instead of actually being killed in that spot,” she said.

She said she still will paddleboard on the bayou, but she’ll be extra cautious.

“It was really sad. While alligators aren’t fluffy or furry like puppies or kittens, their lives should still be respected. It is a complete waste of five beautiful animals,” she said.


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