Houma Pit Bull Investigation Stalls

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Houma police say owners of the pit-bull that killed a four-year old girl are remaining silent.

Until they help, the investigation could be stalled.

Houma’s Police Chief Todd Duplantis says the pit bull’s owners won’t speak to detectives under advisement from their attorney, “We need to speak to them to get to the bottom of it. If there are some charges, we are going to uncover them and apply the charges if there is some to be applied.”

Duplantis says police are still trying learn more about the dog’s back ground and reasons it attacked and killed a child, “To prevent future incidents of this happening to any other young children that we have in the community. That is our main goal here.”

Meantime Humane Society of Louisiana’s Jeff Dorsen is troubled the owners are holding off talking to Houma investigators, “It doesn’t make sense to us. you would think they want to share information, if nothing else to help other families get to the bottom of this.”

To slow what seems to be a recent string of pit-bull attacks nationwide Dosen says more needs to be known why they attack people, “Is it environment? Is it the training or lack of training?   That’s a lot of common sense. Please, parents. Large animals and kids probably need to be separated.”

Officially, Houma Police are not calling this case a pit-bull attack but a dog attack.


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