Lance Thompson is debuting new music this week and you’ll never guess where they performed! Lance and his dancers rocked the stage at Loving Living Local, giving us a show of their unbelievable talent and charisma. 

Lance Thompson, a hot R&B artist, and his better half Renee are here to chat about his new music, his video shoot coming up and how they stay strong through tough times with faith. He talked about the effort he and Renee put in to creating team Lance, starting from the beginning, and how their determination and hard work led to the success have today.

Today he joins us to give us all the details about the filming of his upcoming music video, and they are excited to announce open auditions, with filming April 29th and 30th. They are looking for young and old alike, families, friends and anyone seeking an adventure, to be a part of this special project.

Rachel and Daina, Lance’s longtime backup dancers and friends, also contribute to the incredible stage magic. The light that shimmers around them as they move in unison is a unique blend of contemporary and hip hop styles, gracefully and elegantly executed. Play now to see their live performance at the Loving Living Local studio.

The theme, “Yes, No, Maybe So”, follows a journey of following your heart’s deepest call. It’s a story of hope, of moving forward and never giving up on dreams. This is something Lance Thompson is no stranger to. While Lance kept his day job, Renee worked diligently to make sure his dreams would become a reality, managing his career and their life together.

Lance’s new music reflects this perseverance. As unique as Lance is, this faith based pop contemporary take on classic R&B is just as unique in the musical world. Team Lance is helping to create a platform for the up-and-coming artists from Shreveport to make music that is experimental and unique.

Lance’s songs are born of faith and a desire to inspire. “Highways” is a ballad of love found and risk; of sharing your heart with another and discovering joy along untraveled roads. Lance’s music is unapologetically Christian, embracing faith to bring people together. He creates modern worship music, stirring souls and opening hearts.

To find out more about auditions, follow Lance Thompson on social media and scan the QR code below.

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