Online and catalog shoppers in Louisiana to receive notification about taxes due

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Baton Rouge– The Louisiana Department of Revenue says that residents who made purchases from online or catalog retailers that did not collect sales tax will be receiving notifications from those retailers about taxes due on those purchases.

The annual notices, to be mailed on January 31st will include:

  • The total amount paid to the purchaser for purchases in the preceding calendar year;
  • A list of dates and amounts of purchases, if available;
  • An explanation of whether the property or service  is exempt from sales or use taxes;
  • The name of the retailer

The notice will include instructions for the purchaser on how to report and pay the required tax.

It can be reported on the state resident or nonresident Individual Tax Return or on the Consumer use tax return, available here.

The notification, sent by first class mail or certified mail, will arrive in an envelope marked “IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT ENCLOSED.”

It may also be sent electronically if the purchaser authorized the remote retailer to do so in writing.

Read Revenue Information Bulletin 18-006 for more information.


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