Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper buys woman new tires after one blows out on her way to work

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Hanover

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Hanover

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OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper’s efforts went beyond the call of duty last week after he bought a woman new tires when she had a blowout on her way to work.

OHP says a message from Andrea Derksen came to them last week about Trooper Chris Hanover.

Derksen said while she was on her way to work, one of her tires blew out.

Hanover stopped to help, but told Derksen her spare tire was not in good condition.

So, Hanover took her to a local tire shop and helped her not only get her blown tire fixed, but he also bought her two other tires she says she desperately needed.

“He turned what was starting to be a tough day into a blessing. Officer Chris Hanover, what you did for me was a big deal, and I can’t thank you enough! Thank you for all you do, and for being so amazing!!!” Derksen said.


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