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TOURO INFIRMARY HOSPITAL, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA– For five days in the middle of April, an ER Nurse documented what it was like for nurses all across America who were dealing with the influx of coronavirus patients and the anxiety of a stressful career in the health profession in the midst of a viral pandemic.

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we celebrate the quiet heroes on the front line who make us feel better when we are sick. Dan Flynn is a nurse at Touro and one day he started making videos that documented his days at work. “I just got to the emergency room and I’m about to walk in and get my day started. I think every nurse goes through the same thing. When we really started seeing COVID patients and how sick they were and how many of them were coming, I think everyone was saying this is something very different, very bad and has to be taken very seriously. It hit us like a ton of bricks but we handled it. We are doing ok. We’re living and working through history right now. That was just a way for me to show what me and my colleagues were going through.”

To get a look at some of Dan’s videos you can start by clicking here. Nurse Dan says he will continue to post content about his experience until the coronavirus pandemic is over. Make sure you watch WGNO every day this week to see the stories of more remarkable nurses.