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HAMMOND, La. — The trek to Hammond from New Orleans is worth it to visit Gnarly Barley Brewing Company.

“The first thing you see is all of our bright and shiny tanks. We have a couple 30 barrels, some 60 barrels, you know a lot of really shiny silver, and then you see our stools, our picnic tables, and then you see the bar and a nice crisp refreshing beer hopefully,” says Ryan Davis with Gnarly Barley Brewing Company.

And it’s safe to say we lucked out and decided to taste test “Gnarvana.” It’s a double IPA, 7.5% alcohol content, hazy and delicious with a hint of pineapple, without the fruit.

“It’s perfect for the summertime, very crisp and refreshing,” says Davis.

But if you’re looking for something different, Gnarly Barley has you covered. There’s always something on tap, and during the summer months you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an icy, cold, pick me up.

“We have Jucifer, Strawberry Common, Katalouha Common, Corova Oatmeal Milk Porter, PB&J, maple, there’s quite a few options on tap right now,” says Davis.

Gnarly Barley is part of the NOLA Craft Beer Experience. For $49, you get different craft beers at 10 locations around town. You’ll get two flights or equivalent of 40 ounces at each participating brewery or pub, about $200 worth of craft beer!