No tropical development in forecast for next 5 days


Fall-like air mass on the way as we exit peak hurricane season

As Beta moves inland in Alabama tonight to early tomorrow, we are finally seeing minimal sunshine again in southeast Louisiana.

Better yet, no tropical developments are a concern over these next five days!

Before yesterday, we were closely watching either tropical storm or hurricane threats everyday since early September: September 7th, specifically! This is much need quieting down across open Atlantic waters!

September marks Hurricane Season 2020’s peak season, verifying NOAA’s updated forecast for August-November being “extremely active” months.

After all, every name on the 2020 Atlantic Names List was used, causing the Greek alphabet to kick in! The last time that happened was the 2005 hurricane season, which spurred Katrina.

September 14th marked the first time five named storms were in the Atlantic Basin at once in 49 years. The National Hurricane Center had not issued advisories on that many named storms at a time since 1971.

Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy, and Vicky set the record for most named storms at once in the Atlantic Basin, not to mention additional spots worth monitoring for formation potential.

Additionally, Nana, and Wilfred, Alpha, and Beta were all named during September, totaling 9 named systems, and the month’s not yet over.

Enjoy this much needed period of silence while it lasts. Remember, it only takes one storm. Don’t let your guard down, and continually review all hurricane preparedness plans as we approach October.


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