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NEW ORLEANS– All is quiet in the Irish Channel. There’s no green beer. There are no bagpipes. No cabbages.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions the annual St. Patrick’s Day block party between Tracey’s and Parasol’s is canceled for the second year in a row and both bars are closed.

“It is all dark. It is sad. It is depressing,” Lauren Bruser with Parasol’s said. She says they feel un-lucky to be closed, but it is the right thing to do.

“As hard as the decision was it is just better for the safety of the citizens of New Orleans. You can’t control the crowds that are going to come out and want to congregate and celebrate,” she said.

Although both Tracey’s and Parasol’s are closed today in the Irish Channel, in the French Quarter Molly’s at the Market is open for to-go drinks.

There is also one group that’s celebrating March 17th in a big way. The Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club traditionally hosts a block party to raise money for St. Michael’s Special School, but instead of a party they hosted a drive-thru fundraiser for the school.

“This is one of the prime charities that we give to every year no matter what happens,” Ronnie Burke, Vice-President with the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club said.

“They wanted to make this happen again for our kids so it is a great day and we are very appreciative,” Cissy Laforte at St. Michael’s Special School said.

It is all about finding a little bit of luck during these tough times.

“We are feeling very lucky about 2022,” Bruser said.

For the entire month of March when you donate money to St. Michael’s School at Parasol’s and Holy Ground, you will get a free green beer. The fundraiser will continue through the end of the month for the school.