(NEXSTAR) — Beverage giant PepsiCo, which distributes many ready-to-drink Starbucks coffees, is recalling about 25,200 cases (12 bottles per case) of Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino products over concerns they could contain glass.

The affected drinks are 13.7-ounce Vanilla Frappuccinos bearing UPC number 0 12000-81331 3. Expiration dates on these 2023 products are March 8, May 29, June 4 and 10, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Nexstar has reached out to PepsiCo for comment. Meanwhile, if you have concerns about the affected products and believe you may have purchased them, you can contact PepsiCo.

The FDA has not yet released its own recall of the product, however, consumers can report food-related problems to them here.

This is a developing story.