NEW YORK (WPIX) – A New York City high school teacher and youth baseball coach is under investigation after a homophobic tirade caught on camera.

The road rage encounter on Long Island earlier this month has landed the driver, Juan Ynoa, in a world of trouble. Not because of what he did but what he said. 

“I’m shocked at what this guy is saying. The homophobic slurs, sexual assault threat – it’s a credible threat,” Matthew Kevelson said.

He was filming the now-viral confrontation from his driver’s seat. The video doesn’t show what started it all.

“As I’m passing him, he almost hits my car. No blinker, no warning. I honked my horn for two seconds,” Kevelson said. 

Then as the two sat side-by-side at an intersection, Kevelson said the hate-filled verbal tirade happened. 

“It’s an emotional thing because I have friends and family who are impacted by statements like that,” Kevelson said.

After the 28-year-old posted the video to Reddit, it went viral. 

Soon after, Ynoa’s employer, the NYC Department of Education, launched a probe and told Nexstar’s WPIX the high school teacher had been “reassigned away from students pending an investigation.”

Aside from the ongoing investigation at his school, Ynoa’s former youth baseball team condemned the altercation and said the coach had been permanently banned from the organization. 

The New York Longhorns told its supporters in a Facebook post;

“The actions, words and sentiments expressed by the former member do not align in any way with the Longhorns core values…”

No one answered the door at Ynoa’s Nassau County home or WPIX’s repeated attempts to contact him. However, the vehicle from the video was spotted parked on the street in front of his house. 

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