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(NewsNation) — Flash flooding from heavy rainfall left an estimated 200 people stranded at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in southern New Mexico on Saturday, according to KOAT.

Park officials issued a shelter-in-place order for several hours Saturday at the park’s visitor center after the roads became impassable due to the flooding. Officials were finally able to allow people to safely leave the park before midnight on Saturday night.

The park is a popular tourist destination for those looking to explore desert wildlife and over a hundred different limestone caves in southeastern New Mexico, including the most popular cave: Carlsbad Cavern, after which the park is named.

The National Park Service closed the road leading to the Carlsbad Cavern and visitor center Sunday due to the flooding, also stating both facilities will be closed as well. The park service also said that maintenance was working to assess damages and clean debris from roadways.

The park service also set into effect a danger warning for Walnut Canyon Desert Drive, temporarily closing the road due to flooding prior to Saturday.

Storms had been expected to continue throughout the day Sunday, and flash flood warnings remained in effect in the area.

Flash floods hit the Southwest region Saturday, submerging such cities as Moab, Utah. The storms migrated east through Texas on Sunday.