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BAY ST. LOUIS — The purple shirt crew was back at it again, promoting our live News With A Twist program and the tiny seaside town of Bay St. Louis.

“News With A Twist is always fun. It’s really nice to have you guys over from New Orleans, always enjoy having you,” says Twist viewer Brian Wilemon.

Our News With A Twist hosts Tamica and LBJ were all smiles as they introduced various members of the community and highlighted several stories from Twist reporters covering everything Bay St. Louis.

“I love it. I’ve been following all the little insights and living here, know the businesses and know the highlights that you’re doing, so it’s very personal for me,” says Twist viewer Brenda Comer.

And even though the threat of rain came and went with a few drizzles here and there, the News With A Twist crew got lucky as sunny skies ultimately prevailed.

“It’s a special moment for Bay St. Louis. It’s even pretty when it’s raining out,” says Twist viewer Lionel Hayned Jr.