New Timeline Released for Implosion of Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Site

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGN0)- It has been exactly one month since the Hard Rock Hotel building collapsed. The question remains on everyone’s minds when will the rest of the Hard Rock Hotel come down?

On Tuesday, Fire Chief Tim McConnell briefed WGNO on a new time table and a new plan on what’s next. The plan is to imploded the entire building. The process will take about nine weeks. With a three month clean up period for hauling the debris after the implosion is complete.
You might recall mid-October, a similar method was used. The two cranes that were still shaky on top of the collapse site were loaded with explosives and all at once the devices were detonated and the cranes came down.
During this tragedy, three lives were lost and two of the deceased are still trapped inside the debris. Since the building is still unstable and poses a threat, those bodies will stay where they are until after the implosion, Chief McConnell says, implosion is the only way to take down the building.
The investigation is still ongoing. When the building is taken down, more evidence will be recovered from the scene. The first priority remains; safety. The first mission once the building is down will be to locate and recover the bodies.
More details to be released in the near future.


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