New Orleans Record Press helps keep music industry all local


NEW ORLEANS — Vinyl records are enjoying an incredible return to popularity.  And while there’s no shortage of musicians and recording studios in New Orleans, there’s only one place that stamps the vinyl.

“It’s the only one in the city, the only one in the state, and the first one in Orleans Parish,” Remi Foulon told WGNO News.

Foulon and his two business partners run New Orleans Record Press in the Bywater neighborhood.  They work with a long list of musicians and recording studios to help make sure music that’s made here can be stamped to vinyl here as well.

“Yeah, you could have a project, it would be recorded here, mastered here, pressed here, and sold here,” Foulon said.

The business can press records in any color and can also add a variety of finishes.  They look as good as they sound.

“Because that’s something you can display at your house, something you can take the time to listen to,” he added.

If you’d like more information on New Orleans Record Press, click here.

Also, for the music fan, the business is building a vinyl club that you can join.  Just click here for more information on that.


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