New Orleans psychiatrist gives advice to handle anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic.


NEW ORLEANS – In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a local psychiatrist encourages us to remember self-care in three different ways! 

While cases of the coronavirus are increasing everyday, so is the anxiety of many New Orleanians, this can appear in an array of forms. 

It could. be restlessness, it could be feelings that you just can’t stay still, it could be feelings where your muscle starts to tense up. You’ll get chest pains” Dr. Ashley Doucette told WGNO.

She also says, P.T.S.D. from devastations like hurricane Katrina can also add to the anxiety. “The thought of another disaster. The word “FEMA” – displacement. We don’t know we don’t know when you will go back to work. Those are the parallels.” 

Overcoming the uncertainty may not be easy, but Dr. Ashley has a plan that could help… the three R’s.

“We’ve all been going very hard so take this opportunity to rest. Reflect on where you are in terms of your employment, in terms of your finances. Talk with your children and their plans for college. Relationships. Call the loved ones that you know are alone. Check on them. Make sure that they are OK.”

Other advice is also recommended. 
“Have faith in the medical community. Listen to those source- The CDC. That’s where you’re getting good information from.”

With a strong community and sound advice, New Orleans will get through this. 
“We have survived. We have gone through things that we never thought we could. We’re ready and we will get this back together. And we’ll do it together with the community.”

Dr. Ashley also recommends calm activities during this time. Such as reading, puzzles and quality time with the people in your household.  


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