New Orleans Neighborhood Hopes A Camera Clique Helps Catch Bad Guys

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“I would be scared to walk around any neighborhood in New Orleans just because crime happens everywhere. You never let your guard down or you become a victim,” says Freret Resident and neighborhood activist Kellie Grengs.

When it comes to crime Kellie Grengs has the upper hand. 16 crime cameras surround her home on Freret and Soniat streets Uptown.

“I’m fine with it. I feel secure,” says Grengs.

Feeling secure is what the rest along the Freret corridor want. It’s why residents hope to secure a $6,000 grant from Harrah’s to pay for 12 new crime cameras.

The cameras would be placed along hot spots on Freret from Jefferson to Napoleon. They are hot spots where some say drugs and guns are exchanged.

“We invite the opportunity to have as many cameras as possible because it makes for a safer environment for all of us,” says Stan “The Barber” Norwood.

Stan Norwood stayed on Freret through the good and the bad, and while he says the worst has passed, he also believes you can never be too safe.

“We’ve been through all the rough stuff however to stay proactive and make sure that doesn’t start to surface again I think crime cameras and people being active in the community will be a real attribute,” says Norwood.

The cameras would be placed on private property. They would be monitored 24/7 by Project NOLA. It’s a decision Grengs and others feel passionate about.

“So clearly sends the message to criminals: if you’re going to come here smile and wave because you’re going to be caught really quickly,” says Grengs.


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