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NEW ORLEANS — Only in New Orleans are Christmas trees recycled into Mardi Gras trees and king cake babies discovered in your favorite pastries.

It’s officially carnival season, which means long lines at all of the most raved about bakeries.

In the CBD at Pythian Market, a king cake pop up shop has opened its doors to give customers more options and a shorter drive.

“You kind of have to drive all over the city to choose your favorite king cakes. You may have to go all the way out to New Orleans east to pick up a Dong Fong king cake, so it’s kind of cool to be able to have multiple options under one roof,” says the director of operations, Faith Akgun.

From Gracious king cakes to Nonna Randazzos and even Sucre, there are multiple cakes to choose from.

Pythian Market also offers an afternoon pick-me-up by allowing customers to simply order a slice of king cake and a cup of coffee.

“Mardi Gras is all about indulging yourself and being a little glutenous for a couple of months,” says Akgun.

On Canal Street at Mystere Mansion, home of the Mortuary haunted house, is the first ever “King Cake Hub.”

“We wanted to have the opportunity for people to come to one spot right in the center of town, right in mid-city, and get whatever king cakes they desire,” says owner, Will Samuels.

Here there are 34 different varieties of king cakes from 8 different bakeries.

One of those bakeries is Cannata’s.

“They’re based out of Houma. They have three stores down there, and we are their exclusive New Orleans distributor. Their snicker doodle is out of this world. They have a cannoli king cake. They have a Who Dat cake getting ready for the playoffs,” says Samuels.

So be encouraged to indulge in one of your favorites, or try something new.

“King cake is just, I think it gives you that energy food to get through the marathon that is the carnival season,” says Samuels.

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