Paramedics Learn To Save Lives On Two Wheels

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New Orleans is going to see some big crowds in the coming weeks.  The NBA All-Star Game and carnival parades are just some of the big events that will attract the masses, often in one area.

Getting an ambulance through the dense crowds can be difficult at best.  So paramedics with New Orleans EMS are learning to respond on bicycles.

Friday, nine paramedics participated in a night training ride.  Another ten EMTs are already certified to respond on bicycles.

“The employees that are taking the class are experienced employees that have been with the city for a little while,” said EMS bike team captain Christine Guidry.  “Some of them are new employees that are just starting out, and they’ve done all of their training time as training stuff as far as work capability.”

The bicycles contain medical supplies that can provide early treatment for even severe emergencies.  The bikes also have lights and sirens to help part any crowd.


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