NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Sunday marked day three of the 48th annual New Orleans Greek Festival, which is hosted by the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral community.

Despite the heat, a diverse crowd enjoyed music, food and dancing!

“Well, I’m actually part Lebanese, so Greek and Lebanese [cultures] are pretty close, so I kind of feel somewhat connected to the music and the food and just the people,” festival goer Frank Boehm IV said.

Amid the festivities, some festival goers were getting quite the lesson.

“It’s good food, good music, and a lot of things to do here,” festival goer Chloe Blanco said. “Yeah, you learn a lot, like a lot about cultures, and it’s really fun to learn about them,” festival goer Michelle Martin added.

It wasn’t difficult for these New Orleanians to pick their favorite part of the festival.

“It’s the food. The food is fantastic,” festival goer John Tennyson said. “Anything and everything is just delightful.”

Attendees say you can’t go wrong with a savory, staple dish, but the line for the baklava sundae lets you know the dessert doesn’t disappoint.

“Look, if it’s good, I’ll wait, okay, I don’t care how long it takes,” Boehm said. “I’ll wait for it.”

Plus, there’s a chance to cool off inside the cathedral.

“It’s so exciting to even go into the church and see the historical religious part of it,” Tennyson said. “It’s really exciting.”

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