New Orleans City Council to sue Louisiana Secretary of State ‘The law is clearly being interpreted incorrectly’


NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Secretary of State and New Orleans City Council have been at serious odds lately. So much so, on Wednesday afternoon, City Council announced their unanimous decision to sue Louisiana Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin. 

“This is voter suppression in its purest form,” said Councilman Jay H. Banks. “That is why this is being done, to discourage people from going!”

The city is concerned about the lack of ballot drop-off boxes in the area. But the Secretary of State refuses to allow more which city leaders say is suppressing the voice of voters.

“We gotta make sure that people don’t get discouraged. That’s what this whole point is to put up as many obstacles as possible to make you say ‘Nevermind!’ said Banks. 

Councilwoman Helena Moreno says the Secretary of State was going to allow curbside drop-off locations but allegedly reneged saying “It was a violation of state laws to have multiple locations staffed by their ROV.”

“The law is clearly being interpreted incorrectly by the Secretary of State,” said Moreno. “We are not going to be bullied by the Secretary of State who, as he’s done recently, is working to restrict and limit voting rights.” Ardoin disagrees saying “It has never been easier to vote in Louisiana. The ballot can be marked and returned to the registrar by the United States Postal Service, a commercial courier, or hand delivery.“

 Nevertheless, City Council says they’re going to do everything in their power to fight for New Orleans voices to be heard. “Voting is a fundamental right. Accessibility to voting is a fundamental right and that’s why we’re going to court,” said Moreno.

Moreno also says a TRO has already been granted and a hearing is set for October 21st, 2020.


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