New Orleans area and state see big increase in early voting numbers


NEW ORLEANS— It appears as if a record number of Louisiana voters have decided to exercise their right to early vote.

In the 2016 presidential election a little over 531,000 Louisianans early voted. With only hours to spare, a whopping 761,000 votes have been cast.

We caught up with Jimmy Madison at the Algiers Courthouse and he told us that he was satisfied, “I’ve done my civic duty”

According to the Louisiana Secretary of State, in Orleans Parish, about 76,000 have voted as opposed to 51,000 in 2016. In Jefferson Parish 55,000 have voted as opposed to 36,000 in 2016, and in St. Tammany Parish 59, 000 have voted as opposed to 44,000 in 2016. Those numbers mirror the rest of the state.

Voter Ryan Branson said, “I think people are waking up, who were numb for a long time and not paying attention to issues. I think they’re waking up now and it’s like the responsibility for all of us to continue educating our friends and families.


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