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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) —  Following the Seacor Power disaster, it’s been nearly two weeks since the lift boat capsized in Port Fourchon.

Of the 19 crew members who were on board, six have been rescued, six are confirmed dead but, seven men are still unaccounted for.

Locals have not given up the search, and over the weekend they made a promising discovery.

Seacor buckets discovered in Cocodrie

Dozens and dozens of volunteers have been searching the Gulf and nearby marshes for any signs of the missing crew members. This weekend, they got a small sign they’ve been praying for.

Volunteers and Ronnie Adams of “Swamp People” put these videos on Facebook, showing what they say are life vests from the capsized vessel.

The searchers show that it says “Seacor Power” on the vests and they were found in the marsh near Cocodrie.

Seacor life jackets discovered in Cocodrie

In Adams’ video, you can see that some workers’ hard hats were also found. Those who found the items are hoping the vests were used by crew members to get to shore but as of this morning, there’s no official word on that possibility or if the debris simply washed ashore from the wreckage.

Now to give you an idea of where the life vests were found in relation to the Seacor Power, the vessel capsized in the Gulf of Mexico roughly 8 miles from the Port Fourchon Coast.

Cocodrie, around where the life vests were found, is about 30 miles north-west of the wreckage.

Seacor life jackets discovered more than 30 miles from capsized vessel

The volunteers and Swamp People’s Ronnie Adams have been active on Facebook regarding their search efforts. They’re asking that if anyone has a boat, especially an airboat, a plane, helicopter, or drone, come out and help with the search this morning.

The address where the volunteers are meeting up is 8239 LA-56 in Chauvin.

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