New CBD rooftops to keep you cool this summer

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NEW ORLEANS(WGNO)-- Two new boutique hotels have opened in the CBD just in time for summer! Usually summer in New Orleans translates to a terrible time to go outside, however, the Catahoula Hotel, and the Ace Hotel are reinventing ways to cool off.

The Catahoula hotel is one entity, essentially a food and dining experience with rooms attached. Located in a 100 year old building in the CBD at 914 Union street, the hotel has old and new vibes. The menu is inspired by the tropics. The food is inspired by Peru, and the drinks on the roof are frozen. Some of the ingredients for the food can only be gotten in Peru, so the Chef has taken to growing his own supply of spices on the roof. Their small rooftop caters to all of your needs. Bring 6 friends along and drink out of a watermelon shaped like a whale, or a pinapple, or a coconut-whatever floats your boat!

The Ace has the summer menu down. Whether they are refreshing your pallet with a pear and burratta salad, or cooling you down with their selection of frozen drinks, you are sure to not break a sweat while enjoying yourself. Menu highlights include:

Blue Hawaii


Coconut Cream

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Syrup

Lemon Jucie

Blue Curacao

Pineapple Slice Garnish

Frozen drink, creamy, tropical and blue


Mayon Mule


Coconut Liqueur

Ginger Syrup

Lime Juice

Soda water

Thai Basil Garnish

Mule varation with basil and coconut flavors.  Named after a volcano in the Philippines, the Philippines being the insipration for the coconut/ginger flavors.


3rd Ward

Irish Whiskey


Lemon Juice

Orange Juice


Mint Garnish

Play on the classic Ward 8 cocktail, named for the New Orleans neighborhood.  A refreshing take on a whiskey cocktail.


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