Neighborhoods in southern Mississippi submerged following Tropical Storm Claudette

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KILN, Ms. — The storm is over, but clean up is still underway in Mississippi.

Several neighborhoods are submerged following Tropical Storm Claudette. In Kiln, folks who live in Jourdan River Estates are struggling to drive through the streets.

“The tropical storm that came through, even though it came towards Houma, since we got the east side of the storm, all the water pushed up through here,” said Christopher Normand, who’s staying in Kiln.

Even Normand’s lifted truck had to move slowly through the streets, where some spots were at least two feet deep. Other neighbors spent their Father’s Day cleaning up after the storm.

“We’re going in and out of the house with boots on and, you know, we have a dog and he’s got to go through the water and all that stuff, so it’s a chore this time,” said local resident Tim Kennedy.

According to the National Weather Service, Kiln received nearly 11 inches of rain. Kennedy says the storm came through quickly, and that he wasn’t ready for the severe flooding.

“I did very little preparation and, yea, at three in the morning, Saturday morning, I got a call from our neighbor saying one of our cars was about to go under,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy says his garage took on several inches of water, damaging some belongings inside. Now, Kennedy says he’s worried about what the rest of hurricane season could look like.

“It’s kind of mirror imaging what happened last year, and so yea, very concerned.”

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