Near Record Cool Temperatures Wednesday & Thursday Morning!

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Woohoo! A welcomed break from the excessive heat and humidity is on the way for the next 48 hours or so across Louisiana!

The highly anticipated cold front will bring refreshingly low humidity, lots of sunshine, and *less hot* temperatures for Wednesday and Thursday.

Temperatures on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning will flirt with low temperature records away from coastal waterways and Lake Pontchartrain, with many spots dropping into the mid-upper 60s. In Metro New Orleans, expecting low temperatures in the lower 70s.

We will have to keep an eye on the frontal boundary as it stalls in the Central Gulf of Mexico, as several forecast models showcast a heavy rain potential possible by late week into the weekend as the boundary lifts back to the north. National Hurricane Center says there is a 20% chance a tropical or subtropical system attempts to form along the decaying frontal boundary. At this point, nothing to worry about…but any disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico this time of year is worth watching with a wary eye. Stay tuned!


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