New Orleans’ initiative to ban plastic bags remains ‘pending’ in 2017

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(WGNO) – Michigan is fighting the ever popular plastic bag ban that states like Hawaii and California have adopted outright. But where does Louisiana fit in?

According to, the state of Louisiana is currently without a state ordinance, but Baton Rouge has their own law consumers must abide by. Ordinance HB 711 requires people to pay $.05 on any and all plastic bags in the city. The ordinance was updated in November of 2015.

The carryout bag ordinance in New Orleans was included on the City Council’s March 17th, 2016 agenda, but was not heard and is therefore considered a “pending” issue for the city.

No word on when the Big Easy plans to revisit a potential plastic bag ban.

Plastic bag bans are being considered across the country as a way to better eliminate harmful plastic in our ecosystem.




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