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Maybe there will be less family fighting due to seasonal affective disorder this year, because if there is one thing to be thankful for, it will be the cool, crisp, blue-sky days ahead this week.

Temperatures will be on the lower side across the continental United States, and about 70% of the country will not see a drop of precipitation until Monday morning.

A few spots might have a little rain on their parades, but most of the middle of the country will remain nice for the entire holiday weekend. So the airlines won’t have the weather to blame for any delays.


  • Early Wednesday, there might be a few travel snarls from light rain or even snow flurries in the major metro areas of the Northeast.
  • Ohio could see a mix of light rain, sleet and snow in the very early morning.
  • By the afternoon, it should be smooth sailing along the East Coast.
  • Minnesota and Wisconsin could get a burst of snow in the afternoon and evening, but it will be short-lived.
  • Seattle and other portions of the Northwest will not fare as well. The region will see a consistent pattern of rain move through, with mountain snow.


  • Thanksgiving is here, and it will be chilly, especially if you are watching the parade live in New York City.
  • Florida will get some rain, but it will not be continual. There will be a 50% of rain through the rest of the weekend.
  • The Northwest will continue to have the worst weather for the holiday — unless you decided to go skiing. Then, the fresh powder in the higher elevations are just what you want.


  • A small storm system will move across the Midwest again, with some rain and snow on the backside of the low.
  • Florida will continue to have showers in the forecast, but the rain will ease in Seattle and Portland.


  • Some rain will be possible in the Northeast.
  • Florida will be the driest it has been in days, while some residual moisture will remain in the Northwest.


  • Lake-effect snow will fall close to the Great Lakes in the Northeast.
  • Another system will move into the Northwest, with rain and mountain snow.

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