Cajun Navy says no shots fired at rescuers; statements made by another rescue group

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HOUSTON — A man who told CNN Monday that rescuers with the Cajun Navy were being shot at and targeted by looters in Houston is not affiliated with the Cajun Navy 2016 group.

The Cajun Navy 2016 group of volunteers that gained fame for conducting heroic rescue operations during Louisiana’s epic floods in 2016 says their rescuers in the Houston area have not had shots fired at them, nor have they been targeted by looters.

Clyde Cain told CNN Monday that rescue operations were halted in some areas because rescuers were scared for their safety. He said on a Facebook video on the Louisiana Cajun Navy Facebook page that looters were targeting their boats, and that shots had been fired.

The Cajun Navy 2016 clarified on its own Facebook page that they are two different groups, and Cain is not affiliated with the Cajun Navy 2016. They said rescue operations continue in the Houston area, and the comments made by Cain have only slowed down the process.

This is what rescuers with that group had to say:



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