Second man contracts flesh-eating bacteria after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico

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se-034we_cnna-st1-10000000035c4922-480x270_750k-1-thumbKYLE, Texas – A second man has contracted a flesh-eating bacteria after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

42-year-old Adrian Ruiz spent Father’s Day weekend at Port Aransas, Texas. Within 24 hours, of the beach trip he came down with a fever and a red rash began to climb his right leg.

The doctor told Ruiz and his wife that a flesh-eating bacteria was reported earlier in Galveston, but he didn’t want to alarm them, Lashelle Ruiz told KXAN.

A day later Ruiz got much worse.

“I’m fearful for him possibly losing his leg; I don’t want to think that that is going to happen, and I have told him that. We are going to be positive,” Lashelle Ruiz said.

Another Texas man, 50-year-old Brian Parrott, became ill on June 12 after being at a Galveston beach. He was rushed to the hospital two days later for emergency surgery to remove his right leg just below the knee.

The flesh-eating bacteria is called Vibrio vulnificus. It naturally lives in brackish or salt water and is more common during the summer months.

People can get infected if they go swimming with an open cut or wound.

So far 27 cases of the disease have been reported in Texas. In 2015, 102 cases were reported.


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