Say what? ‘Invasive red swamp crayfish’ causing concern in Michigan

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MICHIGAN — “Mini lobsters” are creeping into ponds in Michigan, and officials are concerned.

According to WXYZ in Detroit, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is so concerned about the “invasive red swamp crayfish” that the department sent out an alert to residents.

The crawfish were found in two separate locations in Michigan, a retention pond in Novi, and Sunset Lake in Vicksburg.

Nick Popoff, the aquatic species and regulatory affairs manager for the agency, told WXYZ that the crawfish are a “serious concern” because they can be hard to get rid of:

“They dig deep burrows near lakes and rivers and can spread quickly over land.” Popoff also says that these burrows can be more than three feet deep and can cause damage through bank destabilization to the dams, levees, irrigation systems, and personal property.

The natural resources department in Michigan is setting traps and nets to try to catch the crawfish. Now, who’s going up to Michigan to show them what to do with them once they’re caught?


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