Say hello to subtropical storm Alex!

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When referring to Hurricane Season, meteorologists always stress that the six-month time frame from June 1st through November 30th is just the period *most* tropical and sub-tropical storms develop.

Knowing that, now say hello to the first named system of 2016, Sub-Tropical Storm Alex. A Subtropical storm exhibits some characteristics of a tropical system, such as a closed center of circulation, and place of original development, but the surface circulation can often be displaced many miles from the upper-level center of circulation. Both Subtropical and tropical storm winds are capable of producing damaging winds in excess of 39 mph.

The 2016 development of Sub-Tropical Storm Alex in the eastern Atlantic is now the earliest forming named January storm.  Alex is only the fourth named system on record to develop in January and is the earliest since 1978.

Subtropical Storm Alex will have no impact on the United States, but the Azores will need to monitor this system as it recurves to the northeast.


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