Moscow storm kills at least 14 people, injures hundreds

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MOSCOW — Fourteen people were killed when the deadliest storm in years struck Moscow and the surrounding area on Monday, a spokeswoman for the Russian Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko, told Russian-state media TASS.

“Eleven people were killed in Moscow and three others in the Moscow Region,” Petrenko said. One of the victims is a minor, the Health Ministry said.

Tass reported that 168 people had received treatment while 146 had been hospitalized with their injuries, citing figures provided by Alexei Khripun, who leads Moscow’s department of health.

According to Tass, 22 of the 108 people who remain in hospital are children. Tass says injuries range from bruises and cuts to head and spine injuries.

“I can’t remember within my recollection any other such calamity with the number of dead and injured as big as this one,” Moscow’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin told Tass.

According to Sobyanin, the storm uprooted around 3,500 trees. The mayor said families of those killed will receive one million rubles ($17,760) each, according to Tass.

Tass says that the storm impacted transport on 20 streets in the Russian capital and caused more than 50 flights to be delayed at local airports. An estimated 3,5000 trees were blown down and the hurricane also wrought damage upon several buildings, according to Tass.

The surrounding region endured similar damage, with 3,000 trees blown down, 322 cars damaged and the roofs of 42 houses and maternity clinics sustaining damage, Tass said.

Moscow last suffered a fatal hurricane in 1998 where between eight and 11 people died, according to Reuters.

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