Manhattan Family Living In Fear After Finding Intruder Lurking Inside Their Bathroom

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NEW YORK, NY  — A Manhattan family came face-to-face with an intruder they found lurking inside their bathroom.

It has been a week since the break-in, and the suspect is still at large.

“I’m kind of scared that if you’re alone, that person can come again,” said 11-year-old Rahma Ahmed.

The Ahmed family was asleep inside their Murray Hill apartment when the intruder climbed in through an unlocked back window shortly before 7:30 a.m. on June 12, police said.

A loud noise suddenly woke up Shags Ahmed and her husband.

“Broken windows, broken apartment, everything,” she said.

Her husband found the suspect in the bathroom and began screaming.

The commotion woke up their children and startled the intruder, who ran away through the same back window.

“My husband said, ‘Call 911.’ I was crying and my hands shivering,” said Shags Ahmed.

“I just ran to my father’s phone and I dialed 911,” Rahma Ahmed added.

The suspect jumped over a fence and was last seen running toward Park Avenue.

The family was not hurt and nothing was stolen, but they continue to live in fear and have since moved out of their apartment.

“She says, ‘Don’t cry, you’re a brave girl, believe in God,’” said Rahma Ahmed.

The suspect was seen on surveillance video wearing a bright orange jacket and red shoes before the break-in.

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