Man ‘naked as a jaybird’ leads police on chase on ATV in Northland

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CLAYCOMO, MO — Authorities took a man into custody on Sunday after he led them on a pursuit riding naked on a stolen ATV.

He was arrested at the old Sam’s Town Casino location near Interstate 435 and Highway 210. The effort to contain the man lasted about 20 minutes.

Around 3:30 p.m. Sunday, the pursuit went near the Ford Assembly Plant in Claycomo. The pursuit continued and flew past Worlds of Fun. The ATV driver also went on and off I-435 multiple times.

Police followed the driver closely until they were able to make an arrest.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office confirms the man was taken into custody near the old Sam’s Town Casino location.

Police say the bizarre incident started at about 2:18 p.m. after Shoal Creek police officers were dispatched after the naked man was seen driving the ATV through people’s yards. Officers attempted to stop the man but he sped off and made his way to the interstate.

Officers pursued the man to a set of train tracks near the casino where he hit two railway junction boxes and was thrown from the ATV.

The man tried to run from authorities but was arrested and taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Videos of the bizarre scene have been shared hundreds of times on social media.

Jess Fishell’s video has been viewed over one million times on Facebook. The driver flew past them on I-435.

“I look over and I see a yellow ATV just come up on the road,” Fishell said. “I said, ‘dude you’re gonna get arrested on the highway.’ He was naked. It’s something my grandma used to say – naked as a jaybird.”

Fishell and his friend were on their way home from the shooting range and running late to a family dinner.

He said what struck him about the driver – outside of being naked, of course – was how calm he was.

“I couldn’t be that calm in public naked,” Fishell said. “I’d be freaking out having an anxiety attack.”

No one was injured.

Officers say the man stole the ATV from the 9000 block of Sam Ray Road.

Police are unsure at this time why the man was naked.

Authorities say the man was involved in an earlier car chase with Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers, where he bailed from a vehicle.


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