Employee tossed onto roof while trying to secure event tent in storm

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CLEMSON, SC — Two people were hurt Monday night while trying to secure an event tent during a storm.

Managers at the Esso Club in Clemson said they set up a large event tent earlier that morning for a Clemson University event. A storm hit the area later that afternoon and began to blow the plastic tables, chairs and tent around the parking lot.

Employees at the Esso Club raced outside to try to secure the tent during the storm, the managers said, and that’s when a strong gust lifted the tent into the air, along with two Esso Club employees who were attempting to hold it down.

“All our stuff is getting blown away, and I’m trying to save all the work we put into it,” said Samuel Foster.

Foster was lifted into the air and hit the gutter on the roof on his way down. He had to get stitches above his left eye and suffered several cuts and bruises. A female employee was dragged several feet into the air and slammed down into a table.

“It took a second to register, but then I’m, like, 20 feet in the air. And all I could think about was, ‘I’ve got to land on this roof,'” Foster said. “I’m really thankful for God looking out for me there. Esso’s been really supportive. My friends, my fraternity–I’m really thankful for all of that.”

Esso was able to open Tuesday. The management said the building was not damaged.

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