This man has a boat. So he jumped in to ‘go save some lives’ after Harvey

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Citizens with boats in Texas get to work after Harvey to ‘go try to save some lives’.

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The statement is short but powerful.

CNN’s Ed Lavandera comes up on a pair of men readying a boat under a flooded overpass somewhere in southeast Texas.

“You guys just jumping in to help out?” asks Lavandera.

“Yes sir,” says one of the men.

The man says they’ve come from Texas City, to use their boat to help out in rescue efforts.

“What are you going to do?” Lavandera asks him.

“Go try to save some lives.”

It’s one of many memorable moments that will be remembered long after the floodwaters spawned by Harvey have receded.

The man says he’d gotten calls from eight people for rescue.

“So we’re going to go and get them eight, then come on back and get some more,” he says.

Across the Houston area, other residents are springing into action as well.

On Sunday, Houston Police tweeted: “Anyone with a boat who can volunteer to help please call 713-881-3100 #HurricaneHarvey”

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