A man challenged Tulsi Gabbard to a push-up contest. He lost.

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Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was taking questions from town hall attendees in New Hampshire on Thursday when a man in the crowd asked the Hawaii congresswoman and Iraq War veteran about former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Former Vice President Biden has randomly challenged people in the audience to a push-up contest even if they’re in walkers. Do you think you could take him?” a male attendee asked the candidate, according to video of the moment posted on Twitter.

Gabbard replied, “My educated and informed guess would be yes … But I would take most people to a push-up challenge.”

Challenge accepted.

The congresswoman — in her blazer and heels, no less — and the attendee began to furiously do push-ups as onlookers cheered in video shot by CNN affiliate station WMUR. As they slowed their reps, the attendee then cartoonishly collapsed and rolled over. The congresswoman then jumped to her feet and pretended to count out her challenger like a boxing referee.

In good sportsmanlike fashion, the two then smiled and shook hands.

Gabbard has posted videos on social media of her high-intensity workouts as she runs for president — including one such routine with her campaign team before the first Democratic debate in June 2019.

She is also an avid surfer and trained in different martial arts.

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