NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)—WRBH (88.3 FM), Radio for the Blind and Print Impaired, is set to receive the American Bronze Braille Flag Wednesday, in tribute to the work they do to keep the sight and print impaired informed.

Chief Executive Officer Natalia Gonzalez says, “The mission here is to turn the printed word into the spoken work so that the blind and print impaired have the same ease of access to books magazines, knowledge of their sighted peers.”

WRBH has been on air since 1980 and among the more popular programs is the daily reading of the newspaper at 8am.

Books of fiction, non-fiction, and great literature are also read.

According to Program Director Tyler O’Brien, “Our Old Time Radio program is pretty popular. Those air at midnight every night and those are the classic like CBS radio shows and stuff.”

For the service they’ve provided for over 40 years, the station is set to receive the American Bronze Braille Award from the Blinded Veterans Association.

“It’s quite touching when you see and can feel what a braille flag looks like. I can see it, but I’ve heard that young children who’ve been blind since birth, they’re just so overcome with emotion when they say, ‘oh, this is what the flag is.’ And then they also have the Pledge of Allegiance in braille as well,” said Gonzalez.

The braille flag is embossed with markings on the stripes designating the colors and the Pledge of Allegiance is also embossed on the flag..

The flag will be presented at 2pm Wednesday at the WRBH studios at 3606 Magazine St.

It will remain in the lobby so that sighted and visually impaired people can access the flag.